What Excuses are You Giving?

Has your creativity been lacking lately? Where have you been and, where is it taking you?

It has been a been almost a year since my last post and, most of that has been due to lack of time to do creative things. With a new job that is very time consuming, my creative actions have dwindled to a place where I do not want them to be. But in my new career, I hope to inspire others (or you can say millennials) to be creative as well as empower and equip them (others) to be their best creative self (or you can use the next generation creatives) .

Where you may ask is my new career and how can I inspire others to turn them into creatives?

Around the time of my last post, I was hired as the Sports Broadcasting Teacher at SLAM Academy. Now I know what you are thinking, how did I get that job? Well truthfully it was all God and perfect timing. I was interviewed twice for that position and the first time I was not hired because, I didn’t have the certifications to teach the class. I know the material very well because of the several years I’ve served at Wild and Untamed. It turned out that the first step in getting a temporary certification was to take a test on the material. Thinking that I had nothing to lose by taking the test I decided to go for it, and I passed.

Fast forwarding to my second interview after the test, I received the job to be the middle school journalism teacher. later on that week, I get promoted to be the high school TV production teacher and head of the department.

Being with these kids was not easy, trying to shift their mindset on what it is to be in TV production was very challenging. Several of them had an idea of what the class was and that was not what I had envisioned it to be. Plus its very difficult to teach 40 kids in one class to hold a camera.

Being my first year teaching, there was a lot of learning I had to do and it needed to learn it quickly. I spent a lot of time and a lot of effort trying to develop a system that works for these kids. (I am still trying to make that system.) Which is what held me back from posting more on here.

Now I see this experience as not only something new for me but also new ways to approach things creatively. Many of my students do not think the same way as I do and that requires me to not only approach things differently but to teach things differently.

I may have delayed my posts but the desire to continue this blog still remains. It may have been a delay but now because of it I can sit here and present more of that I’ve learned and what Ive done to propel myself forward. What is holding you back from your dreams? What excuses are you giving?

Hopefully with a year under my belt, I will be able to have more time during the school year to be consistent with my posts and will have regular posts up again.


It has been a few months since my last post.

In the beginning of August I was able to lead an amazing team that provided all creative media to a camp for middle and high school students.

We were able to aid in the atmosphere, not only on the camp grounds but at home also.

We had a lot of fun taking every photo, shooting every video; and providing media support for everyone in the camp.

Our team grew so much in this trip; not only in skill but in chemistry.

Your team is only as strong as your weakest link, but when your weakest link has the support of the rest of the team; they are able to grow exponentially to the point where they were able to take charge and lead better once we were able to get home.

Without support or good chemistry  your team will not thrive and flourish,


I am so proud of these two because they are just a few examples of the growth my team experienced at camp. They were able to learn and take charge in taking photos and capturing the moments for the students and their parents.


Giving my team the ability to grow and become creative in those moments they are now able to lead teams of their own. It is so crucial for your team to grow because with more growth comes more creativity.


Thank God For Camp!!!!


You Can’t Do It Alone

“When our minds, hearts, and hands are aligned for Kingdom Purposes, we become unstoppable. When we emphasize one above others, we misfire! ”

-Judah Smith

Being part of a creative and production team, you begin to realize that you can’t do everything on your own.

For years, I would do everything I could to make to create and produce everything needed for the Wild and Untamed services.

Because our teams became stagnant and mistakes began to occur more often, we had to step out of our comfort zone and growth was required from both creative and production teams in order to evolve.

I began to form a team and create structure that would eventually spark growth to make it what it is today.

I struggled for a while letting go of the reigns and letting others do the work because I could do it better. But I just became tired and frustrated because of it.

When I began to let people in and let them grow in their position and truly let things go, the overall production and creativity blossomed into something new.

Now I still work on things more than I should, you can’t let everything go in one day; but it is at the point where people take ownership of the position they have and truly make it theirs.

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that it’s great…

To make it great, you can’t be alone.

Enjoy the Ride

Being part of a team is a great thing, especially when you get to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and with unique thought processes.

But somethings you “need to learn is that” it is OK to not be in control of the situation and learn to be a passenger on the ride.

This past weekend, the Wild and Untamed Creative team performed their first official production day and let me tell you, it was a long day.

We had two different projects filmed.

One of which I took lead, and the Second I was support staff

As you can see from this weeks featured photo, you can tell their was definitely a difference in the shoots.

Because I am “hands on” person, it took me a minute to adjust from being lead to support. By having various supporting roles in the project, the creative team and I were able to take a different perspective on the outcome and both shoots went really well.

Reflecting on that day, it dawned on me that: truly working as a cohesive team showed me and my fellow creatives that by aiding each other and being unified, we were able to obtain a phenomenal end result but by being part of the team, we were able to get to the final result.

Sometimes it is OK to not take the lead.

You just have to sit back and…




Be The 🐓

Being a creative means it is always great being part of a team; it helps lighten the load of responsibility and true creativity emerges from collaboration.

At Wild and Untamed, our Creative Team has started a trend by using the catch phrase


Now, what does that mean?

We all know the joke, “Why did the Chicken cross the road?” and the normal response would be, “To get to the other side.”

But did you ever think about the struggle of the chicken?

Crossing the road means  to step out of his or her comfort zone.

As creatives, we need to be the chicken and to CROSS THE ROAD!!! We need to step out of our comfort zone and create and do new things and not be afraid to accomplish them. We need to use our creativity to constantly push the barrier and try things out and see if they work.

For my team, this picture really shows us how to push beyond our barriers.

We tried an innovative idea with our lights by creating new and different silhouette effects and by making the conscious decision to step out, we fell in love with the end result.

We incorporated this new method especially with our photos! We even went the extra mile to contact Visual Media Church and make an attempt to collaborate with them. Which as matter a fact was a major success by the looks on the screen!

It always helps to cross that road when you aren’t the only one crossing it.


But that doesn’t mean be the ONLY chicken.


The “PERFECT” Show

Being a perfectionist is a great thing, but you must know the downfall that comes with it.

Being the technical director of Wild & Untamed I strive to make every service the perfect show and I do that by helping the Next Generation Pastor in the service by “running the show”

Now I know what your thinking, “how does this guy run the show?” Well I’m running the service from behind the scenes, making sure that all of the lights do not turn off in the middle of his sermon, I make sure that the lyrics for praise and worship are correct and in order of the song, and making sure that the night runs smoothly.

Each and every service we try to provide the perfect service so that it can be the best we can provide. Now here is where being the perfectionist can be your down fall. There is no such thing as the PERFECT SHOW!

What you imagine the show to be will never be there, it is impossible to reach perfection. Can you make the night a success? Yes. Can you have a night run smoothly? Yes. But will you ever have that perfect night? No.

So then what makes the show perfect if you can never have a perfect show. Well it took me along time to figure this out. A perfect show is when you are able to enjoy what you are doing, and surrounding yourself with a great team that carries the same passion as you do, not only leading them in this production but being able to do it knowing they have your back and will do anything to make the night a success.

So for those of you who are like me and they strive for that unattainable “PERFECT SHOW” be content with the production you are in, don’t get caught up on the small things as much as you have too, focus more on the team that is helping you in that production. Make the night PERFECT, by enjoying it.

What is a Creative

What is a Creative?

Is it that those art students that are always playing with their instruments or those hipsters sitting in Starbucks?

What truly defines a Creative?

Websters Dictionary defines creativity as “the process by which one utilizes creative ability”

Anyone can be a creative. It is only finding that unique passion that you strive every day to become better in it.

I never had thought of my self as a creative, I had always thought of myself to be very analytical.

But what I’ve come to learn and realize is that my analytical self only enhances my creativity, it doesn’t hinder it.

Because of my analytical nature, I am able to see things and make things happen unlike other people.

Now everything I do, every thought I have, every piece of work I do.

Is Creative.

Being in charge of all the live media in Wild and Untamed, The Youth and Young Adult ministry of Metro Life Church, I have been able to embrace that Wild and Untamed life style and become a creative. Every video that is produced, every graphic that is designed, the entire look of the stage, I analyze it and become creative with it.

Find your passion. Develop your craft. Use your unique skill set. and be a CREATIVE!