You Can’t Do It Alone

“When our minds, hearts, and hands are aligned for Kingdom Purposes, we become unstoppable. When we emphasize one above others, we misfire! ”

-Judah Smith

Being part of a creative and production team, you begin to realize that you can’t do everything on your own.

For years, I would do everything I could to make to create and produce everything needed for the Wild and Untamed services.

Because our teams became stagnant and mistakes began to occur more often, we had to step out of our comfort zone and growth was required from both creative and production teams in order to evolve.

I began to form a team and create structure that would eventually spark growth to make it what it is today.

I struggled for a while letting go of the reigns and letting others do the work because I could do it better. But I just became tired and frustrated because of it.

When I began to let people in and let them grow in their position and truly let things go, the overall production and creativity blossomed into something new.

Now I still work on things more than I should, you can’t let everything go in one day; but it is at the point where people take ownership of the position they have and truly make it theirs.

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean that it’s great…

To make it great, you can’t be alone.

Enjoy the Ride

Being part of a team is a great thing, especially when you get to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and with unique thought processes.

But somethings you “need to learn is that” it is OK to not be in control of the situation and learn to be a passenger on the ride.

This past weekend, the Wild and Untamed Creative team performed their first official production day and let me tell you, it was a long day.

We had two different projects filmed.

One of which I took lead, and the Second I was support staff

As you can see from this weeks featured photo, you can tell their was definitely a difference in the shoots.

Because I am “hands on” person, it took me a minute to adjust from being lead to support. By having various supporting roles in the project, the creative team and I were able to take a different perspective on the outcome and both shoots went really well.

Reflecting on that day, it dawned on me that: truly working as a cohesive team showed me and my fellow creatives that by aiding each other and being unified, we were able to obtain a phenomenal end result but by being part of the team, we were able to get to the final result.

Sometimes it is OK to not take the lead.

You just have to sit back and…