Be The 🐓

Being a creative means it is always great being part of a team; it helps lighten the load of responsibility and true creativity emerges from collaboration.

At Wild and Untamed, our Creative Team has started a trend by using the catch phrase


Now, what does that mean?

We all know the joke, “Why did the Chicken cross the road?” and the normal response would be, “To get to the other side.”

But did you ever think about the struggle of the chicken?

Crossing the road means  to step out of his or her comfort zone.

As creatives, we need to be the chicken and to CROSS THE ROAD!!! We need to step out of our comfort zone and create and do new things and not be afraid to accomplish them. We need to use our creativity to constantly push the barrier and try things out and see if they work.

For my team, this picture really shows us how to push beyond our barriers.

We tried an innovative idea with our lights by creating new and different silhouette effects and by making the conscious decision to step out, we fell in love with the end result.

We incorporated this new method especially with our photos! We even went the extra mile to contact Visual Media Church and make an attempt to collaborate with them. Which as matter a fact was a major success by the looks on the screen!

It always helps to cross that road when you aren’t the only one crossing it.


But that doesn’t mean be the ONLY chicken.


The “PERFECT” Show

Being a perfectionist is a great thing, but you must know the downfall that comes with it.

Being the technical director of Wild & Untamed I strive to make every service the perfect show and I do that by helping the Next Generation Pastor in the service by “running the show”

Now I know what your thinking, “how does this guy run the show?” Well I’m running the service from behind the scenes, making sure that all of the lights do not turn off in the middle of his sermon, I make sure that the lyrics for praise and worship are correct and in order of the song, and making sure that the night runs smoothly.

Each and every service we try to provide the perfect service so that it can be the best we can provide. Now here is where being the perfectionist can be your down fall. There is no such thing as the PERFECT SHOW!

What you imagine the show to be will never be there, it is impossible to reach perfection. Can you make the night a success? Yes. Can you have a night run smoothly? Yes. But will you ever have that perfect night? No.

So then what makes the show perfect if you can never have a perfect show. Well it took me along time to figure this out. A perfect show is when you are able to enjoy what you are doing, and surrounding yourself with a great team that carries the same passion as you do, not only leading them in this production but being able to do it knowing they have your back and will do anything to make the night a success.

So for those of you who are like me and they strive for that unattainable “PERFECT SHOW” be content with the production you are in, don’t get caught up on the small things as much as you have too, focus more on the team that is helping you in that production. Make the night PERFECT, by enjoying it.