Who is 716 Creatives

Being a “creative” can fall under several different avenues and can be seen as either the greatest and most exciting job in the world or as the “hidden” behind the scenes job. Regardless of the way you see it, the role you have is an important and integral part in accomplishing the vision of your team.

The founder of 716 Creatives has an impressive and innovative resume of his own and his skill-set is anything but ordinary. Daniel Benitez started off as the is the Technical Director of Wild and Untamed, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry of Metro Life Church. He also spent a time as the Head of Media Content Creation at Brainwave Advertising. Daniel Benitez now is the Head of the SLAM Sports Broadcasting Program at SLAM Academy in Miami Florida. Being in the creative department of both ministry, advertising, and broadcasting since his junior year in high school; Daniel has learned several aspects of pre, live, and post production. Through years of hard work he was able to become the Technical Director of Wild and Untamed; leading teams and striving to aid in the atmosphere in the church service creatively. His time ad Brainwave Advertisement he was able to be a part of creating a TV show for a local channel in the city of Doral. There he was able to not only create content for the show ‘Doral City Map’ but he was also to create digital content for clients of Brainwave Advertising. In 2016 Daniel was hired at SLAM Academy, a local charter school in Miami Florida as a Broadcasting teacher. As the year progressed he was named Head of the Sports Broadcasting Department. Daniel now teaches nearly 200 students a year in the art of broadcasting and providing avenues for young men and women to become creatives.