What is a Creative

What is a Creative?

Is it that those art students that are always playing with their instruments or those hipsters sitting in Starbucks?

What truly defines a Creative?

Websters Dictionary defines creativity as “the process by which one utilizes creative ability”

Anyone can be a creative. It is only finding that unique passion that you strive every day to become better in it.

I never had thought of my self as a creative, I had always thought of myself to be very analytical.

But what I’ve come to learn and realize is that my analytical self only enhances my creativity, it doesn’t hinder it.

Because of my analytical nature, I am able to see things and make things happen unlike other people.

Now everything I do, every thought I have, every piece of work I do.

Is Creative.

Being in charge of all the live media in Wild and Untamed, The Youth and Young Adult ministry of Metro Life Church, I have been able to embrace that Wild and Untamed life style and become a creative. Every video that is produced, every graphic that is designed, the entire look of the stage, I analyze it and become creative with it.

Find your passion. Develop your craft. Use your unique skill set. and be a CREATIVE!

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