It has been a few months since my last post.

In the beginning of August I was able to lead an amazing team that provided all creative media to a camp for middle and high school students.

We were able to aid in the atmosphere, not only on the camp grounds but at home also.

We had a lot of fun taking every photo, shooting every video; and providing media support for everyone in the camp.

Our team grew so much in this trip; not only in skill but in chemistry.

Your team is only as strong as your weakest link, but when your weakest link has the support of the rest of the team; they are able to grow exponentially to the point where they were able to take charge and lead better once we were able to get home.

Without support or good chemistry  your team will not thrive and flourish,


I am so proud of these two because they are just a few examples of the growth my team experienced at camp. They were able to learn and take charge in taking photos and capturing the moments for the students and their parents.


Giving my team the ability to grow and become creative in those moments they are now able to lead teams of their own. It is so crucial for your team to grow because with more growth comes more creativity.


Thank God For Camp!!!!


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