What Excuses are You Giving?

Has your creativity been lacking lately? Where have you been and, where is it taking you?

It has been a been almost a year since my last post and, most of that has been due to lack of time to do creative things. With a new job that is very time consuming, my creative actions have dwindled to a place where I do not want them to be. But in my new career, I hope to inspire others (or you can say millennials) to be creative as well as empower and equip them (others) to be their best creative self (or you can use the next generation creatives) .

Where you may ask is my new career and how can I inspire others to turn them into creatives?

Around the time of my last post, I was hired as the Sports Broadcasting Teacher at SLAM Academy. Now I know what you are thinking, how did I get that job? Well truthfully it was all God and perfect timing. I was interviewed twice for that position and the first time I was not hired because, I didn’t have the certifications to teach the class. I know the material very well because of the several years I’ve served at Wild and Untamed. It turned out that the first step in getting a temporary certification was to take a test on the material. Thinking that I had nothing to lose by taking the test I decided to go for it, and I passed.

Fast forwarding to my second interview after the test, I received the job to be the middle school journalism teacher. later on that week, I get promoted to be the high school TV production teacher and head of the department.

Being with these kids was not easy, trying to shift their mindset on what it is to be in TV production was very challenging. Several of them had an idea of what the class was and that was not what I had envisioned it to be. Plus its very difficult to teach 40 kids in one class to hold a camera.

Being my first year teaching, there was a lot of learning I had to do and it needed to learn it quickly. I spent a lot of time and a lot of effort trying to develop a system that works for these kids. (I am still trying to make that system.) Which is what held me back from posting more on here.

Now I see this experience as not only something new for me but also new ways to approach things creatively. Many of my students do not think the same way as I do and that requires me to not only approach things differently but to teach things differently.

I may have delayed my posts but the desire to continue this blog still remains. It may have been a delay but now because of it I can sit here and present more of that I’ve learned and what Ive done to propel myself forward. What is holding you back from your dreams? What excuses are you giving?

Hopefully with a year under my belt, I will be able to have more time during the school year to be consistent with my posts and will have regular posts up again.

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