Just go and have some fun!!!!

Ever been in a rut?

Do you feel like you only create because you have to and not cause you want to?

Does creating feel like a job sometimes?

Well whenever you get in that mood, snap yourself out of it, and go do something crazy fun with your friends.

I remember there was a time where I felt like that. I was drained, I didn’t want to create, I started to think of it as a burden instead of a way to express myself.

People started to notice….

Well the very next day, my brother and two of our friends came over to hang out, and we decided to wake up at 3 A.M. to take pictures of the sunrise at the beach.

And let me tell you, I haven’t had fun like that in the longest time. I haven’t taken pictures as well as I did that day in a long time either.

Just spending time with friends who were excited to take pictures just cause we wanted too, brought back that excitement and enthusiasm for creating again.

So just go and have fun!!!

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